Vanadis opens new branch

vanadis aplicaciones móviles y webs.


Move south and innovate.

In Vanadis we have expanded our borders and we have come to Linares, Jaén, where we have founded a new branch: the South Delegation. And not only because in the south one lives/loves best, as the song says, it’s also because of its potential … as a source of technical computer and telecommunication profiles, mostly from the new Polytechnic School Superior of the University of Jaén.

After many years of working closely with the South, we know the market well. Linares is an ideal location, among other things, because it allows us to expand our range of action between Madrid and southern Spain. In addition to the strong technological and business growth that Andalusia is experiencing.

We are set in the Business Incubator building of the Scientific-Technological Campus of Linares, an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovative base where you can find us, working in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Jaén, City Hall, and other enterprises.