A tailored solution to digitize processes within the company

What the need was

Tecnoseñal, one of the leading Spanish companies in the corporate image implementation and signage sector, came to Vanadis with the idea of accelerating the digitization of its business processes. They told us about the complex system of work that they had carried out for years to offer the best service to their clients. Based on its core values, among which we highlight the speed, innovation and care for detail when working, we began to develop their project.

How we helped the client

With all the information they provided us with an application that, using the new technologies, would allow to digitize a complicated work process, managing dozens of work crews with hundreds of weekly interventions in clients and also including fewer steps, thus reducing the very high volume of documentation on paper and improving decision-making.

In this way, the corresponding department of Tecnoseñal can organize the interventions in work routes, attaching all the documentation to the same, and assign them to the corresponding set of assemblers, to later verify in real time the location of the crew, the state of The planned route, the actual route, and a wide range of possibilities, among which we highlight a visual management by means of a map covering all Tecnoseñal crews in the peninsula with the routes of the same and the interventions drawn in time Real, in a way that facilitates the making of urgent decisions, improving the service to the final customer.

The leader of each group of assemblers benefits in addition to this application, since it has all the information you need to develop your work week in the most effective way, avoiding endless folders of documentation and management of photos of the interventions at the end of the week by email.

All of this enables you to greatly reduce costs on paper and toner, facilitating the automatic collection of data and increasing productivity. In addition, through geolocation allows managers to have instant visibility and the ability to respond quickly to any incident that may occur.

We think that data management must also be adjusted to allow better decision-making and more accurate monitoring of the company’s performance, so that everything ends up in the perceptions of the customers.

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Product details




Tecnología Señalética


Assemblies Tecnoseñal





Visual route management

Information management

Reports PDF and XLS


App, Online backend

The result

Right now, the application is in the implementation stage in the client and the results are being very good, which is why there are already new improvements planned.


Juan Antonio Rubio

Director Técnico


“La aplicación que nos han desarrollado nos ha facilitado mucho los procesos. Trabajar con grandes profesionales que se adaptan a las necesidades, trabajan bien y rápido. Justo lo que buscábamos, lo encontramos en Vanadis”.

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