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What the need was

Such a special brand as Pesico Europe needs a strategy of engagement and brand awareness suitable for the talent management of your most precious assets: your employees . The management of human resources is an exciting task when you maximize the talent of people while increasing the quality of life in the work environment.

How we helped the client

In coordination with the business development department and our gamification expert, we started by analyzing each and every one of the alternatives to develop an effective tool, and when we found it we started to work in depth on it.
So we started designing an application that would allow all HR Pesico workers to be connected to all the company’s delegations and companions in the country they are in.

Our development team created a fantastic social environment where worker users could share content of interest, write and comment post, follow each other and feel informed through multiple channels in a single application . We thought of a tool that would allow all the workers of this great company to know each other and that uncertainty of who will be your counterpart in another country will disappear.

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The result

The project is currently under development and has received the praise of the entire Human Resources department of Pepsico. We are happy that the work has paid off! Now we continue to collaborate on new ideas of our client, always learning from our experiences.

Andres Martin

BIS Europe Senior Manager – HR Systems Business Engagement Lead


“Thank so much for your great help. So far the Platform is a big success and other teams are even getting interested, and we would never have gotten there without Vanadis help.”

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