Pioneers in the development of Apps and consulting in new technologies.

Vanadis was born as one of the first Spanish companies to develop Apps using the most advanced technology of the moment. After over 10 years of experience developing large projects we are currently one of the companies with the highest solvency, confidence and professionalism.

Today we continue to experience new fields of work in the development of apps such as virtual or augmented reality, proximity technology or integration into different business strategies.

We define mobility as the distance between the first and the next who follow. That’s why we encourage companies to mobilize and survive in the digital era we live in.

We develop applications tailored to the needs of each company

Technological consulting

At Vanadis we are experts in the management of information applying the latest technology, being specialists in the development of mobile applications. That is why we offer a 360º service, we advise and guide our clients from the moment their idea is born until their application lands in the hands of the users.

Creative Design and Usability UX/UI

All our applications have a differentiating design, fresh and modern, respecting the industry standards set by Design Guidelines of Android and Apple. Because small details, usability, intuitive design and good taste all prevail. We are experts in making our Apps the best reflection of the brand of our clients.

Corporate Games Development

Bringing advergaming to mobile applications is an excellent idea to generate marketing experience as well as communication tools for a company, product or idea.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Services

We implement VR and AR technologies within the mobile applications to achieve an immersive user experience and a striking and differentiating communication by combining it with our geolocation and geocatching expertise.

Gamification services

We use the tools of gamification theory in the development of our applications. With this we motivate the users, make them loyal to the brand, to commit them within the framework of the needs of the company. Gamification allows a more pleasant access to the tasks performed by users.

Software for talent management and HR

Mobile applications pour into HR departments as an innovative talent management solution.

Software for process management

We combine technology and strategy to develop mobility solutions for companies that want to increase their productivity and efficiency. The optimization of processes through the digitization that technology allows is today an overwhelming competitive advantage.

Analytics and mobile marketing

We answer strategic questions that allow companies to anticipate change, minimize risk, and make appropriate decisions.

Loyalty software

Mobile is the essential element to use in loyalty campaigns. Campaigns that we analyze, design and for which we develop a technology adapted to the objectives of the retention marketing strategy.

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