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We create custom solutions to digitize processes in the company

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What the need was

Nothing could please us better than to get us back into the health sector. That’s how we did when the Indas Laboratories, from the Domtar Group , today consolidated as the leading company in the manufacture of sanitary and hygienic products .

They told us about their strong commitment to society and their efforts to contribute to improving people’s quality of life, and now they were looking for innovation . Its purpose was to redefine the method by which its distributors look for product information and place orders.

We sat down with them to discuss what could be the best solution until we found the starting point.

How we helped the client

The idea that came up was to develop two native applications that would integrate the complete product catalog with a technology that would allow each one to be described in detail. Here our designers began to work to facilitate the visibility of all the products in a detailed and attractive way.

In addition, we thought improve the user experience through the application for what developed a Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner, undoubtedly a powerful tool To help the dealer find equivalences in a simple way like taking a picture of a bar code.

Thus, we managed to develop an application at the height of Indas where was optimized the entire distribution process .

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Product details




Indas, a Domtar company


Vademecum Indas





Optical recognition

Products catalogue

Orders management

Systems integration


Apps, Online backend

The result

The result was a success, an application in which it is very convenient to purchase the products through a smartphone at any time. Right now, the application is in production and we continue to collaborate with the client, who is already entrusting us with new innovative extensions in the project.



Executive Producer Pepsico

“Trabajar con Vanadis es una caja de sorpresas. Tienen recursos e ideas de lo más creativas para todo y hacen lo que haga falta para sacar adelante el proyecto.”

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