We introduce gamification into a child psychology project

What the need was

When this project came to our hands, we realized it was quite a challenge. It was about creating a game focused on improving the emotional intelligence of the smallest of the house through play, to achieve a double objective: entertain them and bring a plus to parents. Thus came the idea of Gomins , a work we did for the Psychology Center Álava Reyes , in collaboration with the Department of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Madrid .

How we helped the client

From the very beginning, Gomins was conceived as a videogame with a strong technical and medical character, but above all it had to be fun for the children to be willing to play. The approach, therefore, of Psychology and Gamification was very important in this project studying all the psychological components of the game.

Gomins would be a video game designed to encourage and channel the child’s emotional development, where parents could receive all the personalized information on their mobile phone in real time, allowing them to know many aspects related to Emotional and social intelligence, impulsiveness, self-control or recognition of emotions of their children. In addition, through a data management system in the cloud , the specialists of Álava Reyes Psychology Center could analyze the information collected from the players, on the one hand to parameterize the game mechanics, making More or less complex objectives, for example, and on the other hand preparing tips or advice so that parents can implement and improve the less positive aspects of the child’s behavior. All this in addition, would be complying strictly with the Organic Law of Data Protection , at its most demanding level, being medical information.

With all this valuable information we start to shape the game and we integrate fantastic graphics and designs so that the children will find it fun. Video game and application had in common a points system that the father could achieve by completing missions and then sending them to the child user, with which he could win extras and gifts for his virtual pets within the Gomins adventure. In this way, we made the training and learning of the child very fast and effective.

An application which has our special affection, because projects like this unite our team, because it is essential the collaboration between psychologists, designers, developers and marketing experts so that the objectives can be fulfilled.

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Product details




Álava Reyes Psychology Center


Educational videogame







2D / 3D videogame with Unity

Systems integration

Advanced algorithms

The result

Currently, the application of Gomins is already in use in many schools and implementation within a research project conducted by the Autonomous University of Madrid. In addition, it has obtained the quality certificate APP’S Quality granted after an intense audit, assuring the quality and reliability of the information as well as the confidentiality and security in the use of the information of the users.

On the other hand, Gomins has been selected among the finalists of the prestigious South Summit, presenting the project at The Next Bing Thing event to investors and entrepreneurs of the sector, with media coverage Of the event that has put the project in first line information as a finalist in the project contest.


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