A tailored solution to digitize processes within the company

What the need was

Burotec, experts in offering comprehensive Consulting, Inspection, Engineering and Safety services to oil companies such as Repsol, BP or Shell, had the need to optimize the traditional work system by carrying out security inspections at the service stations of their customers.

This methodology generated a large volume of information that they had to manage on paper using the classic work pieces associated with inspection photographs whenever they visited a client, so we proposed to design a technological solution as it would speed up and digitize the dynamics Of the business in a more efficient, ecological and simple way.

How we helped the client

After sitting down with them and analyzing how their business works and considering all their needs, we studied how we could use technology to improve it.

We started designing an application based on digital work parts, fully integrated in the app through which inspectors can perform inspection processes consisting of complex control checklists, which generate very complete reports including, for example, inspection photos, or The signature of the customer that stamps on the inspector’s own smartphone, all from a single site, mobile, and in a digital format. In addition, the application is able to record an inspection without coverage, to send it to the central server once it recovers it.

These inspections are recorded in real time in a database, allowing at all times both the Burotec plant, as well as its customers (Repsol, BP …) to review the inspection parts, to see the statistics, to download an xls with all the details, or print a PDF with the information they need.

All this, allows to streamline and digitize the workflow, from geolocalized inspectors to a complete management system of the platform where simultaneously all work can be coordinated through a control panel accessible via web specific to Burotec, as well as custom panels for each Customer of the company.

With this application, Burotec obtains new functionalities, making information get from workers to others in an easier, faster, direct way and reducing operating costs.

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Product details






Management of field inspections




Digital signature


Customer management


Image upload

Multirole and multiuser


Reports PDF and XLS


Apps, Online backend

The result

The application is already fully operational at Burotec, with inspections at service stations being carried out normally for all oil companies and their suppliers



Executive Producer Pepsico

“Trabajar con Vanadis es una caja de sorpresas. Tienen recursos e ideas de lo más creativas para todo y hacen lo que haga falta para sacar adelante el proyecto.”

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